Upcoming Events

  • Conversation with a CPA
    Wed, May 25
    Are you curious about what CPAs actually do? If yes, join this short 45-minute conversation and listen to a real-life CPA and learn about what accountants do and where they work. You will then have an opportunity to ask your own questions about a career in accounting.
  • Post-Secondary CPABC Information Session
    Thu, May 26
    Are you a post-secondary student interested in becoming a CPA after you graduate? This session will cover the CPA program in detail and include an open Q&A with CPABC’s Senior Student Recruitment Officer.
  • CPABC How To Series - How to Apply with Q&A Breakout Rooms
    Fri, May 27
    Online Panel
    Attend our informative and interactive event where we will explain these steps, and ensure you are submitting the correct documents to get the best assessment result for you. Audience members will participate in Q&A Breakout Rooms with CPABC/CPAWSB staff.