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Life After Graduation

Congratulations! You are either close to graduation or have recently graduated. Now that you're done your degree, you're probably thinking what's next? What jobs can you do with your accounting degree? Do you have to do the CPA Program? We're here to help navigate life after graduation.


You have worked hard over the last several years and have spent many hours studying but what can you do with your accounting degree?

Here are some examples of work you can do without further education:

  • Account Manager

  • Account Receivables/Payables Clerk

  • Bank Teller

  • Bookkeeper

  • Credit Counsellor

  • Financial Planner

  • Payroll Administrator

The CPA designation provides countless career opportunities and unlimited possibilities for advancement. You will need to obtain your CPA designation if you would like to work in public practice as an accountant, auditor, fraud examiner or tax accountant. Some industry positions, such as controller or CFO, may require the CPA designation as well.


The CPA Professional Education Program is a 24-month graduate-level program delivered on a part-time basis. This flexible program allows students to customize their training toward a specific industry or focus area.

The CPA certification program consists of: 

  • academic prerequisites for admission to the CPA Professional Education Program

  • a graduate-level CPA Professional Education Program

  • examinations, including a Common Final Examination

  • relevant practical experience.


If you would like to pursue your CPA designation but prefer in-class instruction or would like more work-life balance, there are several universities across Canada that offer graduate programs equivalent to completing the Professional Education Program.


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